Friday, 19 April 2013

Fashionista! Not.

Hello my widdle munchkins, 

It's Friday Yay for you and Boo for me because i gotta go to work tomorrow. Today's prompt for the Girly Girl Challenge is Inspired By The Runway i have to admit i don't know nothing about fashion. Ain't nobody got time for that! So trusty Google came to the rescue. 

not the black. (source-Google)

I started with two coats of Avon Perfectly Flesh this is a beautiful nude but pastel coral-ish colour, its a very pretty colour and i can't believe I've not used it every alternate day.

this is the most colour accurate

Then i used Colorbar Disco Gold which is a glitter Top Coat that i just couldn't resist buying. 

Doesn't this totally look like the fourth dress from the right? I loved this mani so much i hated having to take it off.

look at those glitter reflections :)

Since this polish is a fairly new one i want to do a review on it? Should I? what do you'll think? 

Have a great weekend!

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All you need is Polish And A Plastic Sheet

Hello and welcome to day two of Crumpet's Nail Tarts Tri Polish Challenge.

I don't really have anything to talk about today, so here's the mani.

Deborah Milano #833. Maybelline Laranja Citrico, Etude #107

I started with two coats of VOV white no. 70 .

Then using this awesome technique i learnt from
Shilpa's Blog - Love For Nail Art, i put blobs of the colours i chose and used a plastic sheet to cover the nail and smudge it? Spread it? Blend it? Argh see for yourself.

It kinda reminds me of the multi coloured mani i did with the straw but in this the colours are more blended in.

the middle finger got a teeny bit spoilt

I quite liked the effect and will try it with more pastel colours or maybe on a black base sometime soon.

with a thick layer of top coat

with top coat


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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tri Polish Challenge - Day 1 (French Tips)

hello loves,
i hope you'll didn't have a too crappy Monday. I've jut got to go work tomorrow and then i have Thursday and Friday off. That makes me want to do my happy dance, no one said it was a good dance. Just Saying.

Today we start Month Two Day 1 of  Crumpet's Nail Tarts Tri Polish Challenge .

The basic gist of this challenge is that every month three colours are chosen, you have to pick a polish for each colour. Then you gotta do a mani each on the last two Tuesdays and Thursdays of the month using the same polishes, and free use of white black and glitters are allowed cause these ladies are kind like that. The colours for this month are Orange, Turquoise and Pink, such a bright fest. 

I picked out Deborah Milano 833- a beautiful pink that makes me so happy, Etude no. 179 a great turquoise, and Maybelline Colorama Laranja Citrico a bright orange. Bring out your sunglasses y'all!!

I started with painting the top half my nails orange, i used two coats of Laranja Citrico, then leaving the tips orange i painted the remaining bit turquoise, i used two coats because it is kinda runny. I painted the rest of my nails pink leaving out a crescent of turquoise. Think double french manicure with super bright colours.


Then i added two coats of my VOV #90 transparent polish that i use as Top Coat, to even out the bumps you could still see them in bright light though. 

Did you like it? I'm quite happy with this mani which is good because the last two mani's for the Tri Polish Challenge (March) make me cringe.

A little happier than usual,

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Friday, 12 April 2013

Elegant Much?

While i do claim to be a girly girl i don't think delicate and elegant is my forte. I'm usually the one who spills her drink, trips over thin air, and drops things over.

Anywhoo this is my mani for The Girly Girl Challenge - Delicate and Elegant, I started with two coats of Deborah Milano  7 Days Long  No. 833 its a beautiful pink i wonder why they don't name these beauts.

Then i went to stamp town. I used Faces White O White to stamp because my Konad Special White ain't so special no more. I used Konad M-57 and stamped this lace down the centre.

I can't say I'm perfectly happy with the way the image transferred but I'm not sure if it was me or the image on the plate.

All in all i think lacy designs qualify as delicate so this fit the bill. I hope you'll are enjoying Friday in a drunken stupor somewhere!

Happy Weekend,

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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

And then there was colour!

The time period for this week's Inspired by a time period challenge by Llama Nails is Ancient Greece.
If you thought my inspiration for Ancient Mayan was kinda average wait till you see this one. 

I searched and searched maybe i just had a mental block or something, anyhow i came across a picture of Ancient Greek clothing (maybe it was on Google so seems legit) and i thought maybe i could put my own spin on it. 

So i painted my nails white, i used two coats of Faces White O White. And then i stared and stared but just couldn't figure out what to do next. Shame.

I then looked at my polishes lying around and decided oh never mind I'm just gonna go colour crazy. The Greeks definitely know how to have fun so lets just assume the ancients knew too.


I really liked this it also was very appropriate for Holi an Indian festival we celebrate with colours :)

I just used a straw put drops of polish on my nails one at a time and puffed and puffed. Haha.

one without my pinkie cuz i didn't like that as much as the others :)

The colours i used :
Maybelline Colorama Laranja Citrico
Etude :- nameless turquoise 
Pride:- nameless cherry red
VOV:- nameless yellow
Avon:- Electric Green.

I ain't really ranting today because I'm kinda embarrassed about going off on a weird tangent instead of the actual time period. I hope you'll like it though.

Hiding in a corner

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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I'll take my inspiration wherever I find it!

Mayans gambled.

What else would explain the Mayan inspired playing cards i found!

 Ancient Mayan was the time period for last week's Inspired By A Time Period Challenge by Llama Nails.

Initially i thought it was Ancient Greece and kept putting it off then i saw it was Mayan and boy was it difficult to find inspiration.

I looked and looked and found the Russian playing cards inspired by mayans. Ill take my inspiration wherever i find it thank you

Thus was born this mani.

I started with Avon Warm Black two coats. Then i cut off the bristles of a paint brush to make my own striping tool and used it with a cute Etude cherry red,nameless, then i just sponged the other two colours from the playing card. I used a VOV gold and Etude turquoise blue both nameless.

i also tried to do the design just like the playing card with the star thingie in the square but it didn't turn out that great. :(

This is my Mani it's not the best but I'd decided to show you'll all my mani's fail or no fail. And this one isn't half bad actually, it's just a million miles away from the kind of mani you'd expect for this time period.

Peace Out!

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Monday, 8 April 2013

Bling a Ling

woot! that doesn't make sense! I know :) so you know how i was supposed to catch up with my mani's in the sequence they were supposed to be posted? well I've decided to let my mild OCD relax for a bit. I went and looked at all the other posts out there and i wanted in.

So here it is my second post in the same day *ha don't get used to it* for the same challenge which the awesome Moore is hosting with me. It is The Girly Girl Challenge - Gimme That Bling!

So i started with my VOV clear polish that i use as base coat and top coat and then using my fingers smeared on paste. Yup! normal ordinary craft paste and waited for it to dry.

Still with me? Good. So i wanted this to be a total bling-y affair and all i wanted to use was glitter dust so i used the paste to help me peel off the glitter easy peasy :)


I bought this from Khar Beauty Centre (for anyone who is in Mumbai) for umm 250 rs i think. That is approximately 6 USD. Neat right? Then i used the Blue Silver and Pink and mixed them up, i applied another coat of VOV transparent on my nails and dipped my finger into the glitter then i used a brush to fill in the gaps and then added another coat of polish.

 under the light

 wannabe macro shot. lol

 most colour accurate

 this ones without top coat

Lets just go look at them again..i love it! Now this is also the Mani i wore for my surgery and as soon as i was admitted they wanted me to take it off so i had this on for like 2 hours only what a waste. Thank god for me i had decided to try the paste technique or I'd have to spend forever getting this off in the hospital. The paste technique pretty much worked i peeled most of it off and had to use a little bit of acetone to get rid of the base coat and few sparklies. i know that is not a word.

I should be in bed!

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