Sunday, 24 February 2013

Grey Love

Valentines day has come and gone i decided to do loads of themed mani's but cupid just wouldnt play. Hmmmph tempramental much baby cupid!?

This is one of the nicer ones though, i started with Avon Matte Grey Cement now i must confess i LOVE matte *display of totally inappropriate lust*  and lets just say this grey... Oh yeah! Its perfectly matte gives one coat coverage and dries before you've done the other hand.

                                                             *look look ... drools * 

 Then i stamped.. *sob* using Konad Special Red and Konad Image Plate M-83 very cute-sy me likey.

 The colors didnt really stand out much though so i added a top coat to un-mattify yes un-mattify it. I swear it broke my heart a little.
                                                You can see the plate in the background

 I still wore the Mani for three days, not on Valentines day though. Thats a whole diff story for another day. I spent valentines day in hospital getting tests done so its not like i needed the mani for a date.. just saying.

                            a close up for the awesome details *it looked clearer when i clicked it*

Until next time..