Saturday, 23 February 2013

What Am I On About!?

So.. i disappeared for a bit ! Well that doesn't mean i didn't do my nails i did try to do a valentine Mani's then i had to spend ages getting tests done.  But I'm back or so id like to think n apart from these the biggest reason for my absence was INSPIRATION! oh your thinking I've run out of ideas hell to the no I have way too many. 

I.E. there's so many awesome blogs out there i cannot for the love of god compete, this is what Ive decided:- 
 I'm not gonna be a big blog, i don't want  to be the first to swatch or well buy. Yup I'm on a limited budget I've got a bazillion things to save for and with my crazy shoe n polish addiction i don't really save at all.

Why am i ranting !? I'm building up duh! I have decided what my blog is going to be. In India of the polishes we drool over there's very few available ! I'm going to blog about nail polish sure! 

But its going to be polish that's reasonably priced and easily obtainable. Sure O.P.I is reasonable when u buy one a month n only that one but that's not gonna happen so I'm gonna go the less is more route. Until i win the lottery or find a million bucks of course :)

No nails today but i do have a haul and a few Mani's n fails to post.