Monday, 8 April 2013

Bling a Ling

woot! that doesn't make sense! I know :) so you know how i was supposed to catch up with my mani's in the sequence they were supposed to be posted? well I've decided to let my mild OCD relax for a bit. I went and looked at all the other posts out there and i wanted in.

So here it is my second post in the same day *ha don't get used to it* for the same challenge which the awesome Moore is hosting with me. It is The Girly Girl Challenge - Gimme That Bling!

So i started with my VOV clear polish that i use as base coat and top coat and then using my fingers smeared on paste. Yup! normal ordinary craft paste and waited for it to dry.

Still with me? Good. So i wanted this to be a total bling-y affair and all i wanted to use was glitter dust so i used the paste to help me peel off the glitter easy peasy :)


I bought this from Khar Beauty Centre (for anyone who is in Mumbai) for umm 250 rs i think. That is approximately 6 USD. Neat right? Then i used the Blue Silver and Pink and mixed them up, i applied another coat of VOV transparent on my nails and dipped my finger into the glitter then i used a brush to fill in the gaps and then added another coat of polish.

 under the light

 wannabe macro shot. lol

 most colour accurate

 this ones without top coat

Lets just go look at them again..i love it! Now this is also the Mani i wore for my surgery and as soon as i was admitted they wanted me to take it off so i had this on for like 2 hours only what a waste. Thank god for me i had decided to try the paste technique or I'd have to spend forever getting this off in the hospital. The paste technique pretty much worked i peeled most of it off and had to use a little bit of acetone to get rid of the base coat and few sparklies. i know that is not a word.

I should be in bed!

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