Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I'll take my inspiration wherever I find it!

Mayans gambled.

What else would explain the Mayan inspired playing cards i found!

 Ancient Mayan was the time period for last week's Inspired By A Time Period Challenge by Llama Nails.

Initially i thought it was Ancient Greece and kept putting it off then i saw it was Mayan and boy was it difficult to find inspiration.

I looked and looked and found the Russian playing cards inspired by mayans. Ill take my inspiration wherever i find it thank you

Thus was born this mani.

I started with Avon Warm Black two coats. Then i cut off the bristles of a paint brush to make my own striping tool and used it with a cute Etude cherry red,nameless, then i just sponged the other two colours from the playing card. I used a VOV gold and Etude turquoise blue both nameless.

i also tried to do the design just like the playing card with the star thingie in the square but it didn't turn out that great. :(

This is my Mani it's not the best but I'd decided to show you'll all my mani's fail or no fail. And this one isn't half bad actually, it's just a million miles away from the kind of mani you'd expect for this time period.

Peace Out!

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