Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tri Polish Challenge - Day 1 (French Tips)

hello loves,
i hope you'll didn't have a too crappy Monday. I've jut got to go work tomorrow and then i have Thursday and Friday off. That makes me want to do my happy dance, no one said it was a good dance. Just Saying.

Today we start Month Two Day 1 of  Crumpet's Nail Tarts Tri Polish Challenge .

The basic gist of this challenge is that every month three colours are chosen, you have to pick a polish for each colour. Then you gotta do a mani each on the last two Tuesdays and Thursdays of the month using the same polishes, and free use of white black and glitters are allowed cause these ladies are kind like that. The colours for this month are Orange, Turquoise and Pink, such a bright fest. 

I picked out Deborah Milano 833- a beautiful pink that makes me so happy, Etude no. 179 a great turquoise, and Maybelline Colorama Laranja Citrico a bright orange. Bring out your sunglasses y'all!!

I started with painting the top half my nails orange, i used two coats of Laranja Citrico, then leaving the tips orange i painted the remaining bit turquoise, i used two coats because it is kinda runny. I painted the rest of my nails pink leaving out a crescent of turquoise. Think double french manicure with super bright colours.


Then i added two coats of my VOV #90 transparent polish that i use as Top Coat, to even out the bumps you could still see them in bright light though. 

Did you like it? I'm quite happy with this mani which is good because the last two mani's for the Tri Polish Challenge (March) make me cringe.

A little happier than usual,

Check out what the other Tarts did! lol :P