Monday, 8 April 2013

Happy Stinkin Monday xoxo

Happy stinkin Monday peeps!

Who am i - rithika!!
What do i hate - Mondays!!

Now that we've established that let me elaborate!? Don't i always? It's back to full fledged work for me starting today, after enjoying countless *okay* three weekends of lazing around doing nothing using the fact that I've had surgery to the fullest. Heck when we were going to my aunts place this last extended weekend *i.e Wednesday through Sunday say woot!* Heck! my mom even considered pushing me into the handicapped compartment in the train because well maybe i qualify and its less crowded. Jeez that's not so funny in writing. No offence intended, besides i am kinda mentally challenged. Right?  *awkward*

Umm okay then on to the mani i should  have posted ages ago and well i should be ashamed Moore let me co-host and i missed not one but two posts even though they are done. Fml. That website has some cra-azy stuff there though. Go have a looksie. 

So here is my first post for The Girly Girl Challenge - Think Pink. I am a total girly girl and I'd like a pink unicorn that burps butterflies and...well you get the drift doncha? 


I started with Avon Speed dry+ Fusion a frosty light pink with shimmer in it. Its quite opaque in one coat but i don't think it would stamp well because its pretty light.

I used two coats and then went stamp crazy using Konad M-83 and Konad special red. 

I had a tough time getting the images to transfer onto the stamp but that's probably me because it was okay after a bazillion attempts .

Also, i did this on my right hand too cause i wanted to wear this to work on 1st April and i managed to do a better job on my right hand. weird.

hello you widdle weird right hand pose :D

What else is girlie lets see..
 pink check 
hearts check 
red hearts +1
hmm ooooo shinies -_-  I added glitter and its yum.

How is the day treating ya? Don't let Monday get in the way of them drinks lol.
Monday why u no Sunday again!?

Do check out what the other girls did :)