Friday, 8 March 2013

Happy Women's Day!

How did i know it was women's day apart from the obvious fact that I'm a woman? A friend gave me a chocolate! How sweet is that? It also goes to show how I will only remember a day if there are gifts involved. 


Did the umm what shall we call him? closet male diva? i dunno..   "guy" gift me anything? NOPE. 

Am i happy about this? that's a stupid question.

Will he be getting any, anytime soon? I plead the fifth on this one.

So this is a non polish post. My blog is called Something About EVERYTHING not Polish things anyway, and I'm feeling rather rambl-y today. You ladies following me are awesome! Women in general are awesome!

And this post is my excuse way of celebrating aka getting drunk. I'm not drunk while writing this...*just saying*

I've seen a million What Women Really Mean When They Say-- posts so I'm doing one on Men. 
Cause its Women's day *admittedly only in some parts of the world, here in India its over* and because we love to hear funny things about dem men instead of us. Girl Power! 

I do not claim to have thought any of these up I'm sure I've read some of these before and the ones i think are mine some genius might have put them on already but i haven't seen them. So do not sue me!

Here goes any chance me getting laid kissed ever again! 

1] Yes! this looks great! Buy it!--I'm couldn't care less about what you're buying at this stage i lost count after the 500th dress you tried

2] I was not looking at her- I so was looking at her.

3] I love you - You're going to be mad when you hear what i did.

4] I love you - I want some..;)

5] I love you- I love you. *this might just be in the correct order too*

6] Do you wanna talk about it - Please say no. for the love of baby Jesus! or any deity/athlete

7] You don't look fat - I can't tell anyway.

8] You don't look fat - I don't care if you do! I just wanna leave before you change into another outfit.

9] You don't look fat - You don't look fat! (You gotta believe them ladies, it's good for you)

10] What are you talking about? - I'm buying time to save my ass. 

11] I didn't do it - I probably did.

12] Of course I remembered to do *insert chore* - I so gotta do it when she's not looking/before you get home.

Okay, this is a funny post. I may or may not have been drunk while posting this. If you didn't like it that's fine move on to another post. If you liked it, well congratulations you have a sense of humour that's my kind.

Am i weird? You can bet yo ass I AM.

Remember to leave the drama for the Llama. Oh yes i just referenced Llama Nails.