Sunday, 3 March 2013

I heart heart you!

I like all things girly! oh yes glitter and pink and hearts and red! so this mani was perfect *perfect* to showcase that. Sure i could have used this one for valentines day but Cupid wasn't playing nice and i wanted to try this as SOON as the plates arrived so i did it earlier than *ahem* required.

I am also super excited about starting a new challenge :) I'll let you know the details as soon as i figure out how to properly add links here so they look like names instead of a long URL (any help will be immediately applied). I hate to admit it, despite working for tech support i am so technically crippled in terms of this blog HOW on earth does that happen? 

So i started with Avon Sizzling Red it's so shiny i was temporarily distracted by all the light it was catching

cant blame me can ya?

Then i went stamp happy doodle doo... *sorry I'm just in a happy days kinda mood* and i used my Konad M-59 and stamped the heart hearts aka the double hearts aka inverted hearts, i used Konad Special White. 
And immediately felt like going out on a date after looking at my nails :) 


Yes i find it absolutely necessary to put useless captions under my photo's and I'm sorry about my cuticles AND my clean up but that's because there was no clean up done and that's because i was heading for a warm shower after this and figured that could be my clean up Lazy much?

i do promise I'll clean up but i have a few mani's that were done with no clean ups and you'll have to see those, i do apologise.

Here's another one of just my thumb cause its so cute and it was perfect unlike the others that was like a progressing diagonal pattern.

*insert useless caption*

By the end of this i had figured out how to add links! well if only to not look like an idiot but still! 

So the challenge is Crumpets Tri Polish Challenge and the colours have been announced I'm still deciding though.. 

Any of you gonna do it? I'd love it if you'll were doing it too. 

See you soon,


  1. I'm totally a girly girl too! :-)
    Cute mani! I love the hearts!

    ~ Yun

  2. This is really pretty! I love that heart pattern. Doing those challenges will get your blog some action for sure-maybe get a brighter light? Then we can see the pretty colors better!

    1. Yes!! i have to buy one and soon!! and thank you :)

  3. Hi Closet Diva. I thought I was the first member on your blog. Seems like I goofed up before logging in completely. Anyway, better late than never. And best of luck with the challenge :)

    1. thank you so much!! I'm so thrilled you're following me :) are you doing the challenges?