Thursday, 7 March 2013

I'm on Crack(le)

I bet that title got you peeps wondering? Hehe im not addicted to anything! *right* .

I've complained mentioned before,we don't get half the awesome things you'll get there. Of course i shop online but not as much cause i still don't trust the pay first and wait for your order system! I know I'm ancient lets move on shall we?

I found this pack of three Crackle Polish and had to have it, now i didn't actually see it my younger sister *hello* saw one of the mani's online and saw it when she went shopping with mum! Did she buy it? hell no we're sisters not friends ugh! *read we fight* anywhoo i bought it the next day yay me!

  nice right? i wonder what they mean by play!

I was very excited to try them so i paired a colour each to do a single finger swatch, and well i clicked pictures individually and together *picture heavy*

I used Avon Coral Beat for the Black one, Colorbar Exclusive Shade # 44 and i cannot for the love of god remember the white one so I'll add it later :)
Now I'll let my pictures (i don't have a light yet and this is one of the older Mani's so I'm sorry if the clean up or light sucks) do the talking!

 I didn't mind the dent cause the crackle would cover it

 Coral Beat and Black

The nameless and Red

Colorbar Exclusive #44 and purple

 all together

that's me and this is what is use to click pics :)

one more for good measure 

The Crackle polish retails for about 185/-Rs (about 4 dollars) for the pack of three. I can't comment on how long it lasts because i haven't kept any of these on for more than two days. It lasts two days without top coat with no signs of wear at all. 

All in all I'd buy more if they had more!

I want to say thank you to you guys because i wouldn't want to keep coming back if it wasn't for you'll. I'm so much more thankful than you'll ever guess. 

***EDIT:-the white polish is White Daisy from the Avon Simply Pretty Range!

I still haven't decided how i want to say bye.


  1. Haha I'm not a huge fan of crackle myself, but I do like the colors you chose pre-crackle. :D

    ~ Yun

  2. You're such a DORK I love it!!! I am not a fan of crack-never was never will be.

    1. This is the only place where being called a DORK made me giggle?

      see also: crackle counts as a mani when you're in a hurry and cant stamp cuz ur ridiculously lazy *me*

  3. Oh and go you with your 6 followers! Always remember I was first HAHAHAHAH!

    1. you bet! Also i give you full permission to smack me in the face if i ever forget :P