Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I hate Tuesdays!

I hate this one! why? cause i had to go back to work and i missed being at home so much :( also by 4 i was so drowsy because i didn't have nap time *shame i know* 
well I'm home now and also i gotta post today's Crumpet's Nail Tarts Tri Polish Challenge  they're doing the annual team shuffle also know as make you hate work even more! they change the people we work with so we get to know everyone! I really liked this team! I hate change i know its inevitable but there's always that feeling of i know this is good-bye even though we're acting like its not...people change i know but why do we loose touch with friends we couldn't think about parting ways with at one point? 

I wanna know what you think....

On to my mani which also is pretty darned normal, the Avon polishes are pretty runny so it was difficult to think of what to do with them! Here's what i did anyway, first my colours!

  Avon Electic Green, Midnight Plum and Coral Beat.

Then i used two coats Midnight Plum as my base and added Coral Beat as a contrasting French Tip.

as you can see under this kinda lighting its still sheer

 the weird marks are from the glue on the tape! sorry!

 my thumb! its not half unpolished its just weird

then i added my VOV glitter cause i didn't like this all that much! do you think glitter fixed it? i have mixed feelings about that! 


thats the glitter bottle!

I have to add that the glitter polish is just awesome! It is thick and gloopy but you kinda have to dab and see if you notice my index finer it has a surprise star or two in it! plus the circles and hexes are so versatile they looked orange on this mani but when i tried it on another one it looked more nude! cool? i think so :) 
I think i also found the pick-me-up I've been looking for.. om nom nom glitter!!

Thank god you'll aren't gonna change

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