Saturday, 2 March 2013

I've got Sunshine....

Around valentines week i had to go to the hospital three days in a row and it was making me feel super low, when i came home between visits i decided to do a bright mani.!

I picked up the brightest colour from my storage space *read teacup box*  a lovely sunny day blue from Avon called Misty Blue. I applied two coats and felt instantly cheered up.Also i have nubs now because i had a break.

                                                       I'm getting better at editing :)
Then i thought this looks like a perfect world sky lets some clouds to it out came my trusty Konad Plate -M79 and  Konad Special White I'll be running out of this soon.. and i stamped and stamped and because my nails were smaller than the stamp i had had to use half and kind of double stamp and i was pressed for time but it turned out okay!
beautiful!! if i say so myself lol.

see how the blue came off cause i was in a hurry

Then i added this clear polish from Colorlife as a top coat and i was pleasantly surprised to see it is great as a top coat cause it lasts. I had this mani on for a week and there was no tip wear :O *wooot* on my left hand of course, but even the right hand was not half as bad. And this polish is not pricey either its a keeper!

All in all this was a real pick me up mani and its kept me up :)  it makes me wanna sing I've got sunshine...

Also, I've decided to do a monthly haul post mid-month mostly for me so i can see how much i spend and feel some shame *yeah right* and maybe swatch.  What do you think? Should i?

See you soon,


  1. I love this blue, very bright and cheery, and the clouds are so cute! I can see why it cheers you up. :)

    1. Thank you!! It is very bright i bought a lighter blue recently maybe i can use that in the challenge you were talkin about!

  2. Hope you are all better now after your hospital visits. This mani is so cute and cheerful! I love the clouds you added. :-)

    ~ Yun

  3. WOW look at you with more followers-very cool! Love this mani!

    1. Couldn't have done without you! :) And thank you!