Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Why the uninspired title? I'm doing the Inspired By A Time Period Challenge by Llama Nails and the time period for this week is Jurassic Era! Which means Dinosaurs which also means Rawrr.. Get it? No? Never mind.

I'm super excited for this challenge, its definitely going to push my imagination i thought I'd do an accent nail of a T-Rex or Jurassic Park maybe but my painting skills suck. Also i saw so many Saran Wrap Manicures i thought i could try this? Right? 

So i started with A poor nameless Green which is a beautiful Once Coater aka Easy Dents and the brush was brilliant. It has something like a channel V logo on it except it has brackets.  See the little beaut for yourself! 

see how it catches the light..:)

This ones closer to the colour irl.

It does stain though, i realised this during clean up but because i used base coat I was gonna be alright! Then i waited for this to dry completely which means it had dents too but i didn't worry because i was going to cover it up anyway, I then used VOV yellow which again has no name or number it is a really bright yellow like the kind you'd use for a bumble-bee or cupcake i guess.. 

I didn't have Saran wrap so i cut out plastic filled it with clean-up Cotton and taped it to look like a ball with a holder. Yes i suck at describing so i took pictures! 

look how pretty the green is

then once the yellow was added i dabbed my fake saran over my nail. I did one nail at a time cause the VOV polishes tend to get lumpy quickly .

it worked just fine *yay*

Thumb Included!

So the ball can totally be used as an alternative to saran wrap manicures, i really liked this design yeah? But i wanted a little bit more! So i stamped over this. Now because of the technique I used it was not an even surface so my stamps didn't transfer correctly. Did i stop and apply top coat and then do the next? Nope.
Was that a good idea or bad I dunno you tell me 

I stamped using the same nameless Green and Konad Image Plate-M83. Also the website i order my Image Plates from has shut down.real tears were shed! I'll source a new place of course but I'm still a little heart-broken.

I think my manicure looks very Jurassic era like and you?  

P.S. this might be my last non-scheduled post for a while i just want to remind you'll to send some love my way.. if you don't know why go here.

Till we meet again,

**EDIT** I just realised i spelt Jurassic wrong in all my photo's It may or may not have been done on purpose :P have a good laugh ladies.. I'm gonna go cry in a corner

Don't forget to go see what all the other lovely ladies did! :)


  1. Love the mani!! LOL! I didn't even notice you misspelled Jurassic until you told on yourself!!! ;-)

  2. thank you! and well i dint notice till i saw the 500th preview either so I'm really stupid lol

  3. I like the green base color you used, and your saran wrap look turned out great! :-)

    ~ Yun

  4. THe green is pretty! I'm not a fan of the saran wrap thing-but then again, I'm not a fan of much!

    1. well as long as you like one aspect per mani! :P